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Current Limiting Reactors

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Current Limiting Reactors
Eltiz company offers current limiting reactors: single-and three-phase high-voltage reactors (current limiting single-phase dry-type reactors, current limiting three-phase dry-type reactors). These are reactors with natural air cooling in the climate performance. The reactors are designed to limit short-circuit currents in electrical networks with the nominal frequency of 50 and 60 Hz, and voltage of 6 and 10 kV. The reactors with the current of 200 ÷ 6000A are designed to replace concrete reactors. The reactors are made on the basis of original design solutions that are protected by copyright certificates (patents 34583, 34584). Eltiz company is one of the leading enterprises in Ukraine in the sphere of design and manufacturing of dry transformers and electric reactors.
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